Team Composition

Team Composition

CUFC will acknowledge and consider any request for team allocation, but cannot guarantee fulfilment.

SCCSA Association rules state that preference is made to returning players. If the team is NOT full with returning players – then new players are allowed to be added to the team.

Team composition is simply ‘First Come – First Served’.  If any players DO NOT want to remain in the same team – please advise of the team change request during the Registration Process.  Failure to advise the Committee of the change at time of Registration may result in the change not being possible as teams may already be full.

A “Request Explanation” may be raised if the ‘Request’ cannot be automatically accommodated. 


As part of Team Composition and also Team Requests – players may volunteer or be asked to play up or down an age group. This is completely dependent on age, gender and whether dispensation can be obtained as per Sunshine Coast Soccer Association Guidelines.


No player will be FORCED to play in a team they do not want to be a part of.

Application for Dispensation

Players who would like to apply for dispensation need to contact the Registrar,