Rules of the Game


There are often questions you will have around the Rules of the Game.  For all Age Groups the main rules are actually written in your Team Book.  This is especially applicable for the U6-8 age groups and the U9-10 age groups.  Both of which have some rules to promote the flow of the game.

The competitive age groups, U11 and up comply with the international FIFA rules.  With a handful of local Sunshine Coast Association By-Laws which are designed to improve the flow of the game.  This is mainly regarding substitutions ad off-field requirements.

FIFA Rules are adhered to across all competitive age groups.  Referees, are also often players as well.  And are required to complete formal qualification assessment.  As well as attend ongoing development training.

The Association promotes the opportunity for young players to become qualified Referees, and as such it is important to remember that the Refs are also, mainly kids doing the best they can.

CLICK THE BUTTON below to access the Referees Association Rules Page.  Where you can read through real examples of FAQs resulting from actual occurrences on the paddock.  As well as an ability for you to ask your own question, in order to seek clarification if anything relating to the rules you are unsure of.