New Players

So what happens as a New Player?  Well first all our players are required to be Registered.  Registration covers all insurance, referee fees, balls, equipment, match strips, etc etc.

Our Club's motto is Fun - Fitness - Friendship. 


The Team Coaches & Managers are all volunteers.  In fact EVERY position within the Club is filled by volunteers.  Mums, Dads, Uncles, Grandparents and sometimes just friends of the players.


Training is held during the week between Tuesday and Friday after school.  Training times are chosen by the Team Coaches on Muster Day (the day everyone meets their team-mates) based on when the Coach is available to train.  Decisions are made by general consensus - but the Coach will have final say.  As they, after all, are giving up their time to train the players.

All training is held at the Club fields.  And changes to this will be one off and directed by the team coach.


All matches are played from the start of March until the end of August.  Finals (for U11s and up) are completed by early to mid-Sept.

Matches are played on Saturday and there are no matches scheduled during school holidays.


Every players is provided with a match shirt.  Uniform socks and shorts are to be purchased to complete the player's match uniform.  Please see details and costing on the UNIFORMS page.

Players are required to have their own boots and shin-pads as well.

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