Managers' Duties


Managers and Coaches each have specific duties and responsibilities but it is important that they work together at all times, assist each other, share the workload as necessary, and ensure that the team functions smoothly in a friendly and happy environment.


It is important that every member of the team is given the same opportunity to develop his or her individual and team skills in an atmosphere of harmony and friendship.


Players should be encouraged to show respect for the players and supporters of opposing teams, to respect the authority of referees and club officials and to always accept the decisions of referees without dissent.



Responsibilities and Duties of a Manager


1.  Ensure that all parents and team members are fully informed of competition matters, the weekly draw and Club activities.  All this information is available on the Club Facebook page and via the Club ‘Team App’.

2.  ​In consultation with the Coach, ensure that all players play an equal number of games and are given approximately the same playing time where possible.

3.  If you are short of players, due to player injury or absence and cannot field a full team, you may borrow eligible players from other teams within the Club.

4.  For U9’s and up, of all occasions your team has from another Club team.This is important as no child can play no than 5 games for another team in any one season.

    a.   This can only be done in accordance with the rules outlined in the front of your Team Book.A borrowed player be given preference over existing team members during the match. 

5.  Ensure that team members or parents are advised of late changes to the published draw, match cancellations and are aware of ground locations.  All updated match information is available via the Club ‘Team App’ and the SCCSA website and Facebook page.

6.  Arrange for your nominated parents and/or players to attend your Team’s assigned Field Set-Up or Canteen roster during home games.

7.  Managers are required to wear your “Manager” Polo Shirt, provided by the Club as identification for all matches.

8.  Only Coaches, Managers & Players are allowed in the ‘Technical Area’ or Substitution Area during all matches.  Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, etc can be located anywhere outside of the marked Technical Area.