Listed below are forms that are used by either the Currimundi United Churches Football Club or the Sunshine Coast Churches Soccer Association.

Note: completed forms need to be forwarded to the club Secretary,


Incident Report

An incident report must be completed for all injuries. They may also be used to report other incidents, such as breaches to Codes of Behaviour.

All incident reports are to be forwarded to the club Secretary. An Incident Report should be submitted within 1 week of the occurrence.


Request for Transfer

If you are a member of the Currimundi United Football Club and wish to transfer to another club within the SCCSA then you are required to complete a Request for Transfer. All Requests for Transfer are to be forwarded to the Registrar.


Player Check List

This document it to be used by the Coach/Manager of each team to record the arrival and departure of each player on their team to both training sessions and fixtures. These documents are to be kept for the duration of the season and then passed onto the Secretary along with the team kit bag.