Coaching Duties


Managers and Coaches each have specific duties and responsibilities but it is important that they work together at all times, assist each other, share the workload as necessary, and ensure that the team functions smoothly in a friendly and happy environment.


It is important that every member of the team is given the same opportunity to develop his or her individual and team skills in an atmosphere of harmony and friendship.


Players should be encouraged to show respect for the players and supporters of opposing teams, to respect the authority of referees and club officials and to always accept the decisions of referees without dissent.



Responsibilities and Duties of a Coach


1.  Coach and train the team to ensure that the football skills, fitness and team spirit are developed and enhanced and that the team performs to the best of its ability.


2.  Select the team for all games and allocate players to positions in accordance with their playing skills and to the maximum benefit of the team.  This is particularly important for U10s and up.  And not so important for U9s and down.  However the sooner you discover your player’s strengths in a position, the better it is for them to learn the skills of that position.


3.  In consultation with the Manager, ensure that all players play an equal number of games and are given approximately the same playing time where possible.


4.  If you are short of players, due to player injury or absence and cannot field a full team, you may borrow eligible players from other teams within the Club.


     a.  For U9’s and up, of all occasions your team has from another Club team.This is important as no child can play no than 5 games for another team in any one season.


     b.  This can only be done in accordance with the rules outlined in the front of your Team Book.A borrowed player be given preference over existing team members during the match. 


5.  Confirm suitable training times during the Team Meet Up Day in consultation with the Club Registrar.  Always ensure that your training is conducted at the location and within the times allocated to your team.  Do not allow your training to interfere with the activities of a team allocated to another part of the ground at the same time.


6.  Coaches are required to wear your “Coach” Polo Shirt, provided by the Club as identification for all matches.


7.  Substitutions.  For U9s and upwards, all substitutions must be occur at the halfway line.  And only after the Referee has signalled it is OK to do so.  Your substituting player must wait at the halfway line and can only enter the field once the current player has left the field of play.


8.  For Coaches in competitive age groups – U11 and up, you are required to select Best & Fairest at each game.


    a.  For the Opposition – you will be asked by a Match Referee to nominate one person (by shirt number) from the Opposition that you believe was the Opposition’s Best & Fairest during the match.  You may wish to allocate this to either your Manager or another parent so you can focus on your team.


    b.  For your Team – as there are awards at the end of the season for Most Improved and Best & Fairest.  You may wish to use a simple 3, 2, 1 point system for every match.  Going towards Best & Fairest.  And then simply add the points at the end of the season.


It is often best for you, as the Coach and maybe with your Manager, to allocate the points.  And not have your players decide as they are not able to view the game in its entirety.


You are not required to use a point system.  This is solely an example that is often most effective and transparent.


9.  Player of the Match – you will be provided with a Trophy that is designed to be given to your selected Player of the Match.  This may not be the best player on the field that day.  But may be someone who has clearly tried their best.  Or executed their assigned role well.  Or performed well at training.  The player of the match award is not designed to be ‘shared’ around.  But to provide your players with something to strive for.


10.  Only Coaches, Managers & Players are allowed in the ‘Technical Area’ or Substitution Area during all matches.  Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, etc can be located anywhere outside of the marked Technical Area.